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What are my clients saying?

"Thank you for your help with restyling my CV. You analysed my roles and experience to advise me of key skills that I could put in my CV (some that I hadn’t even thought of) gave me useful tips to stand out  for potential employers and more importantly helped me to believe in myself again by reminding me how many transferable skills I do have" Anna, Lincolnshire



"Meeting up with Cat and spending an hour talking over my post maternity leave possibilities came at the perfect time for me.. she really helped me focus and rethink what I needed from my next career move. She understood my worries and concerns and the changing responsibility and demands of motherhood. She helped me to articulate my thoughts and gave me the confidence and positivity try and make a difference in getting more flexibility when I return to work. ANON


Although the outcome wasn't exactly what we were after, our one-to-one session was so helpful in making me work out what I want and need going forward. Cat has loads of helpful ideas on how to achieve it. She helped me to plan and give myself the headspace and tools I needed to feel really ready when returning to work and now I have a much more positive attitude this time round. I would really recommend seeing Cat even just for an initial hour to help with running through the transisition back to work or guidence with furthering your career goals. I will definitely be calling on her mentoring skills when I get to the next hurdle!"  

Katie, Brighton

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"After being out of the workplace for 4 years while raising my 2 young children, I turned to Cat to help me in my return to work. My CV was outdated and my confidence was really low.  Not only did Cat transform my CV, she also provided tools to effectively job-seek and sell myself in the current market. Being a mother herself, Cat has a very empathetic style and is very approachable and easy to talk to. She encouraged me by reminding me that my skills and experience were still valid. It really boosted my confidence knowing that my CV had been refined by an HR professional and was now marketable and polished. Cat provided dedicated support every step of the way and I can't imagine going through this daunting process without her!" 

Sophie, Vancouver

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"I felt much more confident, happy and focused after just one meeting with Cat. She’s easy to talk to, is genuinely empathetic, extremely likeable and manages to gently focus the conversation on how to transform ourselves from Mum to employee.  It felt like I was chatting to an old friend - one who knew me before I became a Mum, and also one who was seeing me with the potential I’d forgotten I had.  I can’t recommend Cat highly enough - it’s invaluable!" 
Melissa, Shoreham

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